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Tanning Tips

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What you should know:
  • Either the night before or the morning of your tanning appointment, shower and exfoliate your entire body. Exfoliating will remove dead skin and will help to ensure an even coverage of your tan.
  • It is best to shave at least 8 hours before your appointment.
  • Do not apply moisturizer until after your post-tanning shower, lotions can act as a barrier and prevent the airbrush tan from contacting the skin.

What to Wear
Wear loose dark clothing. The tanning solution washes out of most clothing very easily but tends to stain light nylon materials.

Plan to spend 30 minutes total time.
Following the application, you should NOT:
  • Put on tight fitting clothing for at least 5 hours
  • Exercise for at least 12 hours or do anything that makes you perspire
  • Swim or immerse yourself in water
  • Apply moisturizer
  • Wear shoes or socks after your tanning. Sandals are best, but Ugg boots work too.
  • Shower. Wait until 10 hours after your tanning before showering. You must allow enough time for the reaction to take place. The first time you shower you will see color washing off. Do not be alarmed, this is just the surface color.

After your post-tan shower, apply moisturizer, morning and evening. Don't use lotions containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids they increase exfoliation, and will fade your tan.

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